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The Law of Falliing Bodies

The Law of Falling Bodies tells an unlikely, utterly beguiling love story. Gloria is a modern day snake oil saleswoman, a quixote entrepreneur who sells everything from metal detectors to aphrodisiac perfumes but whose real stock-in-trade is hope. She and her teenage daughter, Kim, drive through the Southwest, pulling their trailer home from town to town, just one step ahead of the postmaster general and the FDA. It is the only world Kim has ever known—until Arthur literally comes crashing into their lives, demolishing the trailer and taking Kim’s heart hostage. As the young girl and the gentle widower thirty years her senior begin to fall in love, a new home no less improbable than the first takes shape—an embodiment of the magic Gloria has tried all her life to peddle in a bottle. Meanwhile, Gloria has a vision in a car wash and launches into the scheme she hopes will bring her greatest triumph... By turns lyrical, droll, and hauntingly sad, this larger-than-life love story distill the ingredients of the only aphrodisiac that really works: one part mad dream, one part chance, and three parts genuine humanity.