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“A brave, generous, nearly perfect novel...” ~ Los Angeles Times

“A testament to Ciment’s lauded writing style... Heroic Measures will delight eager fans awaiting Ciment’s next work.8 0” ~ The Daily Beast

“It all sounds so ordinary–dogs get sick; people want to move–yet in Ms. Ciment’s delicate hands, these characters become heroic in their small ways.” ~ Wall Street Journal(one of WSJ’s summer reading picks)

“Read Jill Ciment’s Heroic Measures for its painterly depictions of a rattled city, its deliciously biting satire of media and real estate madness, its tender knowledge of the creaturely ties that bind.” ~ O Magazine

“Gripping... Ciment plays the veterinary, real estate and domestic details like elements of a thriller plot, while the couple’s love of their dog provides heartrending texture—literature with commercial crossover.” ~ Publishers’ Weekly [starred review]

“Ciment is a writer of bracing intensity, but she also possesses a pirouetting wit, and her humorous side dominates in this delectable fable of Manhattan survival strategies. Ciment’s charming comedy of concerns has remarkable resonance.” ~ Booklist

“It’s funny what books stick in one’s mind... some lasting illumination the writer affords the reader. I doubt I’ll walk through the East Village again without thinking of [Heroic Measures’] Alex and Ruth Cohen... this couple whom we instantly and intimately know.” ~ New York Times

“A wry gentle gem of a novel... William Blake famously wrote of the ability to “see a world in a grain of sand.” Ciment does just this, working as a kind of miniaturist. On a tiny canvas, she paints the world of Alex and Ruth in gentle, exquisite detail. Yet never does their world seem too tiny to be of interest to us. Their efforts to retain some grace as they struggle for life’s most basic desires—shelter and the safety of loved ones—are universal.” ~ The Christian Science Monitor

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