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“It’s a Florida murder case ready-made for social-media frenzy: teenage twins, adopted Romanian orphans, are suspected in the fiery death of their mother’s “miracle” baby, 18-month-old Caleb. It’s both a sensational and subtle puzzle, and the sequestered jurors need to pay close attention. C-2, a prominent photographer, shouldn’t serve. Her much older husband, a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, is unwell and shouldn’t be left alone. But C-2 is flirting with F-17, a younger, clever anatomy professor, and enters the dreary Econo-Lodge in an erotic fugue state. They fail to conceal their affair, and ultimately it becomes public knowledge as outrage over the verdict surges. Ciment, a virtuoso of the situational novel, has created a hypnotizing, forked tale of trust and guilt, masks and doubling, lies and desire, life and death. As she stealthily readjusts the depth of field and provokes the reader into questioning testimony personal and judicial in this intricately unsettling tale of morality and longing, Ciment dramatizes the anguish of betrayal, age, and illness and the many forms that acts of love can take.” ~ Donna Seaman, Booklist

“Engaging, empathetic… Ciment lays out the plot—part love story, part whodunit, part coming-of-old-age tale—with gentle sensitivity and straightforward intelligence, approaching complex emotions and conflicting loyalties as might a good juror: observing her characters’ behavior with an open mind and heart, an ability to consider context and varied perspectives, an appreciation for the evidence, and a notable lack of judgment. This honest, mature look at life and love adds to a growing body of evidence leading to a decisive verdict: Ciment is an author well worth reading.” ~ Kirkus (Starred Review)

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